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Company for the production of spring products, sales and services "FOP" GmbH from Cacak was formed in 2002 and in a very short time managed to impose itself on the domestic and international market as the largest manufacturer of all types of wire springs and other elements.

From the beginning, with the proper business policy, the "FOP" managed to gather around itself the best professionals who have many years of experience in the production of springs as well as in other fields such as marketing, market research, development.


This has resulted in a rapid distinguishing of "FOP" at home and abroad.


The FOP daily monitors market demands for industrial and standard springs and the springs for the general sale.


Our biggest assets of competition are:


A high level of technical experience;

A high level of service;

Successful production.


Putting the focus on trade and market needs, the "FOP" has created a common vision of its policy:




Our main aspiration is to always offer something more. The main strength of our business policy is long experience and knowledge.


Company with long experience in the manufacture of springs, every problem resolves with the customer, in order to satisfy all the sophisticated requirements.


The “FOP” works with three main rules:


Keeping its word!

Deliver what is promised!

Accuracy in everything we do!


We live in a world of changes. The requirements given to us and our market are quickly increased and it is very important that we realize the achievements of the present to develop a vision for the future. The "FOP" is an excellent example of a company in expansion. Revitalization and restoration of the motto of our days.


Thanks to many years of experience, developed technology of manufacturing, adequate human resources and modern facilities, we created the opportunity to offer you ...

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